Linda specializes in kitchen and bath remodels.  

She works as a consultant to help you with designs that meet your taste and budget. 
Her talent is helping you understand what you want and how it all fits together.
Linda is also an excellent resource in helping you know what is available and finding
bargains to help you get what you want at a reduced cost

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Linda A Brown Design Consulting is part of X.Net, Inc. a California corporation.



X.Net, Inc. was a computer consulting company started in 1983. We used to specialize in software globalization and other types of consulting including multi-platform, networking and web technologies

We are no longer providing computer consulting services.  Carl Brown provides holistic wellness as "Able Bodyworks" and Linda Brown provides kitchen and bath remodeling design services as "Linda Brown Design Consultant"

We still provide a free open source package to make Unicode enabling much easier. xIUA (X.Net Internationalization and Unicode Adaptor). Code and documentation is available on this site. This code is designed to be integrated into your application and uses IBM's ICU C/C++ software to provide comprehensive Unicode support.  The code has not been updated to work with the latest versions of ICU but you are free to use all or any of it in your applications.

X.Net was one of the oldest independent globalization-consulting firms with over 15 years of experience.  Previous X.Net site.