This association was formed to develop a cross-platform "Plug & Play" standard for low speed devices. Members included almost 100 companies including Advanced Gravis, ALPS, American Megatrends, AMD, AMP, Apple, AT&T, Ceibo Ltd.(Israel), CH Products, Computer Access Technology, Compaq, DEC, Discrete Time Systems, Fluke, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Interlinx, Intel, ITAC, LCS Telegraphics. Key Tronic, Lexmark, Logitech, Mechatronics/Fujikura, Micro Computer Control, Microchip, Microsoft, Molex, Motorola, National Semiconductor, NEC, New Idea Electronic(Taiwan), Nexus, NMB, Olivetti, Penny & Giles (UK), Philips, Summagraphics, Sun International, Sun Microsystems, USAR, VLSI, Welch Allyn, X.Net and Zenith Data Systems.

Carl W. Brown took on the job of Keyboard Standards Committee Chairman and helped to develop new standards would support multi-lingual Plug & Play. He also provided information and briefings to other member companies.

The ACCESS.bus standard was the predecessor to the USB serial bus standard.